Wednesday, January 31, 2007

That Y chromosome!

Last night at dinner, while Tim and I ate grown-up fare the kids were served grapes and apples. Charlie sat in his high chair with two grapes talking to one another, then shooting at each other, then proceeding to blow each other up. "Aye, ah, boooom!" came from that end of the table. Maggie took a cue from her brother and started making her grapes talk, "Hi. How are you? I'm foooood!" as she popped the grape into her mouth. With this, Mary and Will started pretending they were toddlers too and, true to gender, started chatting and pretending to blow up fruit. I looked at Tim, "The Y chromosome is showing, big time." Of course Will wanted to know what I was talking about. But how can you explain chromosomes and DNA to an 8 year old? I tried the best I could, but then Tim popped the question I hate, "Know any more than you did before?"
They were all being obnoxious!
Let me just say that if after dinner a contemplative convent offered me a haven I might have taken them up on it.


Carolina Cannonball said...

Cute. My son is famous for turning peas into ammunition to throw at my cat. Boys are gloriously violent.

Catholic Mom said...

With three sons and one daughter I have learned that some things are nature and some things are nurture. All of my children loved to play with Hot Wheels style toy cars. My boys raced and crashed them. My daughter had them pair off, form families, talk to each other and go on "picnics". She never liked dolls but in essence was using the toy cars as her dolls.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I think the sound effects gene (Ysf1) is somewhere near the air guitar gene (Yag2).
Seriously, my daughter had a dump truck toy and she used it as a cradle for her baby doll. When my boy came along, he used it in the sand box and at 12 months was already making the sound effects--very realistic, too!