Saturday, January 06, 2007

Are You a Blogging Convert?

VERT is a new carnival of sorts- a list of weekly topics and links specifically for converts and reverts to the Catholic Church. The first week's topic is conversion stories. Check it out!
VERT is intended to compliment other online Catholic communities with an extra special and specific focus on converts and reverts to the Catholic faith. If you know what those buzz terms signify, you blog, and you are looking for like minded people who will encourage and challenge VERT may be for you.
VERT COMBINES the purpose of a gathering place like
St. Blog's Parish and Amateur Catholics with weekly themed writing prompts that I hope is complimentary to the un-themed Catholic Carnival while being specifically geared for converts and reverts. While I am an amateur and I think most members will be amateur Catholics VERT allows pros to join too.

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