Friday, January 26, 2007

Sweat and Peace

Yesterday was our first snowfall of the winter. Nothing stuck of course, but the kids got all excited, bundled up in coats and snow boots to run around outside for 20 minutes, only to come back in and dump all their muddy items at my feet.

It is a beautiful thing to go for a run in the snow, especially bundled up in sweats, a hat, and bright pink gloves. The flakes swooped down, pelting me in the eyes. It was almost magical and so quiet I kept going beyond my normal turn-around point, ending up running almost 7 miles. The other reason was to try to burn off those 2 pieces of homemade apple pie I snitched for lunch. Snow and cold weather just makes me want to eat, even when the total number of flakes that fall is about 10.

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