Thursday, January 11, 2007

6 weird things...

Michelle over at rosetta stone passed this tag along.
I don't know if I want to do this, reveal 6 weird things about myself. All my peculiarities will come out and the image that I have portrayed in my blog as a "got it all together mama" will be shot!
1. I love making compost piles. I spend hours each summer shredding stuff with my gas-powered shredder to put on my homemade log-cabin style pile. I also collect stuff to put in it, including going down to the beach at low tide to fill up the back of the truck with seaweed and once filled the back of my brand new pickup with horse manure to increase my nitrogen content.
2. I plot charts of my weight when I am pregnant (going up) and post-partum (going down). I also weigh myself every day, right before I get in the shower in the morning, because everyone knows that wet hair makes you weigh more.
3. I am a slacker mother. I have never properly childproofed my house by covering all the plugs that break your fingernails, installing latches on every cabinet that leave guests perplexed as to how to throw the trash away, and installing a latch on the toilet that leaves it impossible for a preschooler to go potty alone. I am also not overly neurotic about car-seats, letting the children sleep on the floor on long trips. Despite all this, we have only made trips to the ER for one broken arm, several sets of stitches, and a splinter in the past 8 years. No calls to 911 or poison control have been needed.
4. I seek thrift store bargains for almost all our clothing needs. Yes, I could shop retail, but perhaps I inherited a cheap gene or the lure of the hunt gives me an adrenaline high. I even bought my wedding dress at a bridal consignment shop. When we were stationed overseas I was a manager of the post thrift shop. It was heaven! Coach pocketbooks, Liz Claiborne sweaters, Gymboree outfits for Will, all for less than $5. Last week I found a lovely blue softer-than-soft cashmere sweater for only $1.50.
5. I have a tattoo. (not telling what or where!)
6. I am not a dog person at all. I don't like animals that sniff my crotch, require walking in the rain and snow, and poop on the lawn. Maybe they are man's best friend to millions of others, but I'm scared of big dogs and think little yip dogs are plain silly. And those people who treat their dogs like children? Now, that is strange.


Anonymous said...

OK, #1 is pretty weird.

#2 - I do the exact same thing. I also log measurements: waist, hips, thighs, even during pregnancy.

#3 - I'm not as lax with the car seats, but otherwise, ditto.

#4 - wish I had time to shop there. I know the quality of what I drop off, so I know there are bargains there, especially for those who go regularly right at opening time. I get most of my kids clothes for free from generous friends.

#5 - I'm shocked.

#6 - I understand, and if you were to come visit, I assure you our large, crotch-sniffing beast will be penned up, since she's a dog and not my 6th kid.

Anonymous said...

That's only 6. Need help? Your Mother