Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Resolutions

Michelle over at rosetta stone reminded me that I need to think up some New Year's resolutions- and fast. Today is Jan. 1. I haven't made any resolutions in a very long time, mostly because I see that people make the same one every year: lose weight and never follow through. Well, I lost the baby weight from Timmy but still have 8 lbs to go (it was from the third pregnancy, I think), so maybe I'll jump on that bandwagon.

Resolution #1: lose 8 lbs.

Now, I'm inspired by Michelle's running log so I think that I'll try that too.

Resolution #2: keep running log and run (hmmm, some achievable goal) 250 miles

I need a goal for my spiritual life so, let me think...

Resolution #3: say morning prayers every morning (I always forget and then breakfast is on the table, kids need to get dressed, baby needs to be changed and nursed...and by then it's 10 am)
Okay, resolutions done. Now, help keep me honest, ask every once in a while if I'm doing them!


Anonymous said...

Did you say your morning prayers today?

kat said...

However, the running 250 miles is not going anywhere. I twisted my ankle and then ran a road race on it yesterday. Now it's really bad, I'm a cripple.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. I sprained my foot badly last JUNE and it is still causing me problems. Rest as much as possible.