Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I am so bad

Every year for Christmas one of the aunties gives tins of homemade sugar cookies. The passing over of the gift involves a little ritual, lifting the lid, sniffing and saying, "I will promise to savor each and every bite of these cookies." They are so thin you can almost see through them, crispy and sweet with just a touch of vanilla and cinnamon. I have begged and pleaded for the recipe, but she refuses to share, knowing that the gift is so much more special because it is only available once a year.

I hid the tin from my family and ate every last cookie myself. I even swallowed before I came downstairs so no one would ask,"What are you eating?" and then entice me into sharing.

Should I go to confession for such a thing?
Only one thing can help, I somehow need find the recipe on the internet and make my family a new batch of these cookies.
Plus, I need another one myself.


Anonymous said...

Oh, those cookies seem delicious!!
I've done similar before too.
I've been wondering this week about the sin of gluttony, uncharitable behavior of not sharing, etc., but you know, after all those kids are still growing and they shouldn't be having sweets in the first place, and. . .

Anonymous said...

Naww not sinful...we need to have the same energy level as the kids and the only way for us to accomplish this is by loading up on sweets. PLUS, would the truly appreciate the delicacy?!

If you feel badly, they'll be just as pleased with chocolate chip cookies or M&M's!