Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Day Out

Yesterday afternoon, after Mass and Little Flowers I took baby Timmy out for some retail therapy. An hour at the thrift store produced a new wardrobe for Tim, several smaller skirts and pants for myself, and jigsaw puzzles for the kids. We made a swing into the commissary for some salad fixings and went to the education store for a little poking around. It was such a beautiful day with one easy-to-care-for baby. No whining about new toys or a treat. No demands of "I have to go potty, NOW!" If I wanted to I could have even eaten lunch at a place that doesn't have a drive-through.

The other day at the grocery one of the checkers said, "I saw a bit on the TV about a mom of 2 complaining about how hard it was to go shopping with her kids. I laughed, because I thought of you doing it with 5 so effortlessly." Thanks Kim for the compliment. However, I do recall how hard it was many years ago with 1 and then 2 children. Experienced mom that I am now, spending a few hours with just one infant is a breeze. Thank you my dear husband for taking down the Christmas tree and letting me have the day out!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a quiet moment before mass today with a cup o' joe and your blog (can't remember exactly how I got here). But I bookmarked you. Would love to know what you enjoy reading--my favorite authors haven't been productive lately and I'm searching for a good book.
Barbara at