Saturday, October 21, 2006

Conversion Story

I grew up an Episcopalian, it seemed more of a social experience than spiritual. My husband and I met at church so that is where we were married and our first child was baptized. Our priest was a good, holy man and taught us how to study Scripture and pray.

Then the new Catechism of the Catholic Church came out- must have been late 1997 or early 1998. Tim had been doing one of those read the Bible in a year studies (Scripture Union) and had found several glaring inconsistancies in the Protestant religion. Why were some Scripture passages taught literally and others had to be twisted into knots to understand? We had many dinner and late night discussions about this and the lack of moral courage in the Anglican/Episcopal church.
So Tim asked me to buy him a copy of the Catechism. He read it front to back- an amazing feat and discovered the Truth in its pages. Many more discussions and arguments ensued. He was convinced that the Roman Catholic Church contained the fullness of Truth. I was skeptical, not intellectually (because I trust Tim and because 99% of the time he is the smartest person in the room), but from a purely superficial view. I had attended a few Masses as a child, mostly after sleep-overs and what I saw didn't thrill me: people in shorts, lots of hand-holding, ugly, modern churches. But over time I came to appreciate the Church's stance on abortion, divorce, contraception, and other moral issues and agreed to go into RCIA.
We already had orders to go to Naples, Italy so it was decided to wait until we got there to start RCIA. We had a wonderful priest come over for dinner weekly and answer questions and were confirmed at the Easter Vigil 1999.
Here is the link to part of an article Tim wrote at that time: New Catholic
Since then we have settled in a Traditional Latin Mass parish and enjoy sensational homilies from our FSSP-trained priest, a beautiful Gregorian chant High Mass, and the support of other families that are open to life, homeschool, and have become our extended family.
Thank you God for all you have given us, especially the gift of your Church.


Anonymous said...

What an inspiring conversion story. It reminds us that God opens the heart of those who earnestly seek the truth.

Jennifer in OR said...

Thanks for the story - I love these stories of journeys of faith. Awesome. Soooo, are you still in Naples? And, I had a little laugh, I clicked on Rosetta Stone in your sidebar, thinking I could discover what language you are studying, only to discover it's another blog! But it looks like a nice one!

Anonymous said...

I love your conversion story. I'm a cradle Catholic, but I think that converts sometimes make the best Catholics, because they make a decision to become Catholic and really study the faith. I took RCIA again when I was an adult just to learn the things that I didn't learn when I was growing up.

Debbie said...

I just discovered your blog! I, too, am a convert...came into the Church in Naples, Italy in 1988. My husband and I were both naval officers stationed there. You've inspired me to write my conversion story on my blog.

I look forward to reading more of your blog and will pray for the new baby!

God bless,

Nan said...

My husband came into the Catholic Church in a Navy Chapel in 2005...Check out his blogs:

Thanks for posting your story!

Jenn said...

Really enjoyed coming across your site and especially reading your conversion story. I am former Army and former Seventh-Day Adventist. My husband is Air Force. While we were in England, I converted to Catholicism. I've had trouble writing my story so I haven't yet posted it but I do have a blog for it. I was interested in the fact that you go to a traditional mass. I too think that a lot of "regular" masses lack the richness in the physical beauty of the faith and the people do not dress modestly and do not SEEM serious. We went to a traditional mass once but couldn't stay long. The closest is an hour away unfortunately. God bless you and yours!

Annette M. Heidmann said...

Just found your blog through the Catholic Mothers Online blog ring! Thanks for sharing your conversion story. Our family was just received this Easter Vigil after a long journey from Lutheran and Evangelical roots, through Anglican and Reformed communions, and finally home to Rome. We love the seriousness with which the Novus Ordo mass is celebrated at our parish (the cathedral of Ss. Simon and Jude in Phoenix) and my brother is a member of the FSSP parish here, so we visit there occasionally as well.

Anonymous said...

Katherine, I came across your blog looking for mug rugs, of all things, and discovered ourw onderful story. I am a Cathlic convert, way back in 1972, right at the end of college. Started quilting later than that! I will keep reading and enjoying Marcia Kaylakie, Austin TX