Thursday, October 26, 2006

10 years of marital bliss

One clear and warm October day I got up, walked across the street to the church, put on a bead strewn, fluffy, white gown and told Tim that I would love him, cherish him, and honor all the days of my life. All our friends and family were there to witness those vows. It was a simple wedding, the reception was in the parish hall, decorated with pansies and clouds of white tulle. Tim wore his Navy uniform and simply looked dashing. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

Ten years later I am happy to say I would say those vows again. I am so grateful that I am married to the most kind, honorable, gentle, and loving man on Earth. He shows us everyday how he is grateful God gave us to him. I vow today that I will try harder to show Tim how grateful I am that God gave him to me.
My mother (with no bias whatsoever) declared it to be the most beautiful wedding she has ever attended. I think that this was because it was evident to all how joy-filled we were and how seriously we took our committment to God and each other. Sad to say some of those with us that day are now no longer with us, including his brother, my grandfather, and 4 aunties.
Thank you Tim for ten happy and baby-filled years. May God grant us many more years together to know, love, and serve God together.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your blog! You've certainly had many interesting experiences. I'll be stopping back.
catholichsmom from OEL

Tracy said...

Happy Anniversay ! God bless you today and for many more!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Anniversary! I'm enjoying reading your blog. Looking forward to checking in every now and again. :)

Laura D.