Saturday, October 28, 2006

This is the moment I have been waiting for

Every evening for over 8 years I have read at least 3 picture books before we said our prayers and put the children to bed. That's at least 9000 stories.

This week I started reading the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary. However, I don't read fast enough and have to stop too frequently due to having to change nappies and make dinner. So, Will and Mary decided to start reading them all by themselves. They have been reading in the car, draped over the chairs in the living room, and by flashlight after bedtime. They can't hear me when I call them for meals they are so absorbed in their reading.
When these two were toddlers I recall envying another homeschooling mom with teens when she remarked, "we spent the whole afternoon reading, it was so quiet I could hear a pin drop." Now, I seem to have my own voracious readers and I am thrilled. There have been fewer quarrels this week since the two are "out of action."
What is going to happen when they finish the series? I have been preparing for this moment for several years with bookcases filled with such favorites as Anne of Green Gables, the OZ books, and all the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books. I must have thousands of children's books just waiting for eager readers to be absorbed and noiseless.


Anonymous said...

This time will be great and you will truly benefit from it 100% because you don't have a television to compete for their time! How blessed you are! I know that they are already more imaginitive and creative because of your decision to be tv free. Now with all this added reading they will soar! Oh, and the added benefit of a little "quiet time" for mom is definately a bonus! :)
I'm jealous! I have limited them to a few hours a day, but no tv would be bliss. Alas....
Laura D.

Anonymous said...

Just watch out Kathy soon they'll be so absorbed with their reading you can't get them to do any school work. Sadi my oldest was grounded from reading anything that didn't have to do with school for a week. By Thursday of that week she was going insane begging to have her books back.