Friday, October 27, 2006


When I was a child my grandmother would take us to swimming lessons. She drove us over to the Naval Hospital pool, barely slowed the car down, and said, "I'll pick you up in an hour." To get my kids to swimming lessons, and swim my laps it is a little more complicated:
pack bag-4 suits, 4towels, 4goggles
yell at everyone to put their shoes and socks and jackets on
oops, forgot to feed baby, nurse Timmy
herd everyone in car, strap babies in
drive to YMCA (like a crazy woman since I'm already 10 minutes behind)
drop off babies at childwatch
get Maggie and Mary changed, change myself, send Will in to get changed
drop Maggie off at one end of the pool, swim my 12 laps fast, keep an eye on the oldest between laps
shower, then get Maggie changed, make oldest sit in chairs and wait for their lesson to start
drop off Maggie in childwatch
sit down poolside and chat for few minutes
get Mary showered and changed
collect all the little ones
go home
Its not just swimming, its everything. Soccer games, Mass, even going to the commissary is a major logistical operation- worthy of General Patton directing his troops in Europe. Maybe even more, he certainly didn't have to fill any sippy cups or deal with a sagging diaper among his men.
Is it worth it? Well, we have to go to Mass and we have to eat and some interaction with the outside world is a good thing, but I wouldn't want to have to do it everyday. If I got any more organized Donald Rumsfield might take notice and want me in Iraq.
Sorry, Mr. Secretary, but I have my own little army to get to swimming lessons.

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