Thursday, October 19, 2006

addition can be rewarding

I decided to take a week off from our regular homeschooling workload and focus on those areas where the kids need a little extra help. Will really needed to focus on memorizing his Latin responses since he is schelduled to serve Mass three times this weekend and work on his addition facts. Mary's handwriting is lacking somewhat and she also needs to wean herself off the number line.

So far, so good- the Latin sounds good and getting faster (he has to be able to keep up with the bigger boys) and after a few days of drill we started timing the addition flash cards. Will went from 3min 42sec to 2min 58sec and Mary went from 6min 15sec to 4min 3sec in 2 days! If they beat their previous best time they got a m&m. With that incentive, they enthusiastically did them 4 times in one day. While there is still progress to be made, I am very encouraged. (I did it in 1min 14sec)
Mary has been copying prayers in her special notebook with the adorable puppy on the front and I happened to find a stray paper while cleaning up with "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I love you" written on it. I think I will tape it up in our schoolroom for all of us to focus on. May we do everything to show God and the Saints how much we love them.

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