Monday, November 06, 2006

our example

"WE are the examples that are inspiring others to jump into it(homeschooling). Look out ladies! Someone is watching you and dreaming of living your life!" -one of the ladies on ora et labora
I feel constantly aware when I am out in public that our family might be the only impression of homeschooling people receive. I worry too much that I look like a put-together, educated mother who has all my little charges under control. I try to have the children clean, well-dressed, and behavied so there are no accusations that I am not doing a fine job. Maybe I am since I haven't had any comments since the crazy lady started screaming at me in the commissary a few months back. So I can relate to the idea that others are watching me and judging homeschooling as a whole by my family's example.
However, the idea that someone is dreaming of living my life gives me the giggles. I instantly think, do they want to be woken for 3am feedings, to wipe runny noses every 10 min, to break up arguments, explain what a direct object is for the 9th time, yell "don't whack your sister," and pick up the living room all day-every day?
Maybe not, but without the sacrifices there are no perks and the perks are really wonderful. (a parallel with the Christian life) Last night the older children were sitting on the sofa with me while I was reading The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgeson Burnett. I was sharing one of my favorite stories with two of my favorite people, trying to replicate the Yorkshire speech prevalent in the book (not well, I might add). I read aloud while thinking, "I am so content and happy with my life. Thank you dear God for giving me this gift of children."
If someone was able to see this lovely moment they might indeed dream of living my life. Since many of the perks of homeschooling in a large family are private moments, they are hard to ever see. This is one of the reasons for this blog- to share some of the struggles and highlights and allow someone to believe they could do it (homeschool) too.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Katherine.
We had a nice chat with Tim yesterday and I told him that I am enjoying your blog! :)
Off to start my day with a smile on my face...thanks for the reminder of how truly blessed we are.
Laura D.

Anonymous said...

Don't you love those moments? I don't strive for the "Perfect Homeschool Family"...we do well to not be the "Horrible Warning"! LOL

Lady Liberty said...

Do some people dream of doing what you are doing?

Jennifer said...

Great post. We are blessed to be homeschooling our little ones and there are people who dream of our lives. (Even if they are crazy! :)

Nina said...

I am indeed dreaming. I love to observe the HS families in my community. As a dreamer, I only see the positive. I imagine someone against HS would only see the negative. Reading blogs does give me a glimpse of the joys and struggles of homeschooling. Thank you for a great post.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this post!
So true

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! These moments certainly make up for explaining direct objects seven times in a row, don't they? I love those moments. I, too, enjoy the Secret Garden. Thanks for sharing!

Silvermine said...

I'm a working mom who dreams of homeschooling.

I'm woken up at 3am to nurse, yell don't wack your sister and pick up the living room too. I just do all that after the 12-hour marathon of getting everyone up, breakfast, ready for daycare/preschool, then going to work, pumping in an old office while I work (heck, while I eat lunch), then running of in traffic to get the kids, drive home, try to throw together dinner, run some laundry, wave "hi" at the husband, do the dishes, get the kids bathed and off to bed, and then I cry and collapse in a pile.

I'd rather talk about direct objects and wipe noses any day. :)

It breaks my heart every day I drop them off.