Monday, November 20, 2006

Mass can be exhausting

Attending Mass with small children is usually more an effort in crowd control rather than a purely spiritual exercise. I have read magazine articles, books, and Catholic mom web-boards for suggestions in how to keep the children quiet, and involved in church. We sit in the front row, I bring religious coloring books and books, allow a few matchbox cars for Charlie, and retreat to the cry-room with its closed-circuit TV if necessary. The older children can pay attention and read their own missals and Will is usually an altar server so that leaves only 4 children in our pew most Sundays.

This past Sunday's adventures even garnered comments from one of the other moms after Mass. "You certainly had your fill of it today." My fill was right: 3 nappie changes, 1 entire outfit change, 1 squirmy toddler who wouldn't sit still to save his life and had to be taken out, 1 infant who demanded a nursing session, and 1 preschooler who needed to be hunted down after a solo trip to the potty. All was made worse in that an old friend from our days in Italy was sitting with us and the children climbed all over him as well as Tim and I. (sorry again, Tom) It was like a parade in and out of our pew and I cringe when I think of the interruption we must have caused in other people's prayers.

Some Sundays they are so good I barely recognize my own children. "We must have sprinkled them with magic dust this morning," I whisper to Tim over their heads. But there are the Sundays like the one where Charlie threw his empty milk bottle and almost nailed Father Damian in the middle of his homily. Amazingly enough, he only paused a moment and resumed his lovely explanation of the Trinity. Yesterday was one of those Masses I will always remember in vivid color and hopefully one day it will evolve into a family story worthy of many giggles.

That is, after the embarrassment subsides.


Anonymous said...

Once, before I had kids, a random stuffed animal was catapulted between my husband and I during Mass. I clearly remembering thinking horrid thoughts about the parents who were unable to control their tyke.

Humble pie is eaten here now on a daily basis!

Shannon said...

Ohhhh- I can so, so, so relate. I hope there will come a time when I don't dread going to Mass.

LOve your blog, BTW!!

Mark said...

You are SO right! Mass is exhausting with small children. When Mass ends, I need to sit down for a few minutes to recover. And small children aren't so small when you hold them for the entire Mass, especially when kneeling.

priest's wife said...

It varies here as well- I have 4 kids- 11, 10 3 and 1. The challenge is- my husband is the (Byzantine Catholic) priest- so I am dealing with them alone!