Sunday, October 12, 2008

the tourist to-do list

Since we are only going to be stationed in the DC area for 3 years and likely part of the last year the kids and I will move up to Maine to oversee the building of our new home, I felt compelled over the summer to compile "the list," places we absolutely must see. I want to attempt to stuff some culture in these children's minds while I have the opportunity. Once we are ensconced in Maine I don't anticipate coming back to this area. Why ever leave a place millions of people call Vacationland?

Mt. Vernon
Arlington National Cemetery (to visit the grave of my grandfather)
National Museum of American Art
National Museum of American History
National Portrait Gallery
National Postal Museum
National Zoo
Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum
Lincoln Memorial
Capitol (to see the Statuary Hall in the basement) *
National Archives
Bureau of Engraving and Printing *
National Gallery of Art
Corcoran Gallery of Art
Phillips Collection
National Museum of Health and Medicine (I like the story of the Congressman who would go regularly to "visit" his leg on display. He lost it at Gettysburg)
National Geographic Explorers Hall
Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
National Aquarium
US Botanic Gardens
US National Arboretum (the bonsai collection is fantastic, I don't think the kids would be interested in much else)

*need tickets from our Senator/Representative

Tomorrow being a federal holiday we picked the easy-to-drive-to Udvar-Hazy branch of the Air and Space Museum as our first tourist pick. Between piano group lessons, Scouts, hour long drives to visit the aunties, and local parks we will be either driving and riding the METRO most weekends.

Any suggestions as to which attraction we should pick for next Sunday afternoon?


Michelle said...

Would you like a scavenger hunt I made for the National Gallery of Art? I downloaded the art from their website and used it as a screensaver for about a month. The kids loved being able to find the pictures. The website even told you where they were in the museum.

Did you see the cherry blossoms last spring? If not, that is a must-see. Every year.

kat said...

That would be great! I know there is a kidpac available at the desk downstairs. We could go to the National Gallery of Art (West side) every day for a month and still have lots left to see. The only thing I want the kids to see in the East Wing is Jackson Pollock's "Lavender Mist," art they could do too!
We have been having a lot of painting projects going on in the basement, especially after I found that IKEA carries easel paper rolls for really cheap!