Thursday, October 23, 2008

price point

Before we had children I used to love going to auctions. It was fun to watch and get into a bidding war. After acquiring some pieces of silver for far too much, I set a dollar amount for each item above which I would not bid. This rationale kept me from going overboard in later auctions and I scored some lovely things for much cheaper than I would have paid in an antique shop, my favorites being a wool Karistan rug, a coin silver spoon, and a silver cup for Tim so he won't feel left out.

This same theory has served me well while grocery shopping. I do not hesitate to snatch up 10 packages of something if they are a great deal, and if something is too costly I refuse to purchase it. A loaf of bread should never cost more than $3, if that is all that is available then I will make our own everyday instead. A box of cereal will only go in the cart if I can get it for $2 or less, last week I found several boxes of Rice Chex in the cratch-and-dent section for $1.15 a box. This does cause our eating habits to fluctuate based on what I find on sale. Some things are obviously non-negotiable such as milk and laundry detergent and until recently Coca-cola, since my 1-a-day addiction required it. But when the price of a 12 pack skyrocketed to $5, I told myself, "No, I can make do with other drinks." The past week cups of homemade Chai Latte have given me the same little boost in the afternoon. I miss my frosty red can, but in the great price wars there is a line in the sand I will not cross.

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