Monday, October 06, 2008

getting back into the homeschooling groove

It only takes an alcoholic 1 drink to fall off the wagon and it only takes 1 week of not doing schoolwork for our schooling to suffer a similar fate.

Last week we had to clean, pack, and do all those last minute chores involved in winterizing a house, so we packed up the schoolbooks and decided to take a mini-vacation. Today was our first day back to the books in the new house, boy was it a struggle! For one thing it was a mistake to have the play room and the schoolroom be in the same space, but there wasn't another option so the older ones were frustrated by the noise level involved in snapping LEGOS together and stacking blocks.

Some of the work scheduled for the day was more intense than usual with Will finishing up a paragraph about getting lost in the woods and Mary having to study for a spelling quiz. When baby Timmy started screaming and hitting Charlie because he wanted every toy his brother picked up I hauled him up to take a time-out in the crib. We finally finished up the last assignment at 1:30pm and ate heartily of a late lunch.

Tomorrow will be a better day, if only because piano lessons begin again and I can't physically take a day more intense than this one.


Keeley said...

Oh my, this is just how I feel sometimes!!!

Hang in there. =)

Carletta said...

You are so right about falling off the wagon.

Cute schoolroom!

Alison said...

The only thing we can do is try our best :-)