Monday, October 27, 2008

just tired...

After 3 days of orthodontist appointments for Will and Mary, trying to get the two to read their book report books, and feeling increasingly pregnant, I am just worn out. Add to it the stress of the upcoming election and I just want to escape from the madness with a few novels. Here are a few I have been snuggling up in bed with (along with a cup of hot cocoa):

The Secret Between Us by Barbara Delinsky (teen girl hits a man with the car, mom lies to protect her) , Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah ( 3 decade eclipsing story of best friends), The Bright Side of Disaster by Katherine Center (girl gets dumped by her loser fiancee the day before she delivers their baby), and Names My Sisters Call Me by Megan Crane (3 very different sisters and their emotional battles).

One of the benefits of moving often is discovering new favorites at the local library since our weekly hauls simply exhaust the good picture book selections after a year. Tuesday afternoon we found Miss Bridie Chose a Shovel by Leslie Conner. This historical tale shares the wisdom of a young lady in her selection of the useful rather than the merely decorative. This one, unlike the above twaddle for grownups, I highly recommend for family snuggle time on the sofa.


Katherine Center said...

Hi Katherine! It's so fun to see my book, The Bright Side of Disaster, on your blog! I hope you liked it and it made you laugh! Many good wishes to you and all your little ones!

kat said...

It did make me laugh, and made me VERY grateful that while I am pregnant with baby #6, my significant other will not be walking out the door, leaving me in the lurch.
It also made me realize how much I have learned about babies in the past 10 years and how a new one doesn't throw me the way the first one did!