Tuesday, October 07, 2008

a boy of few words

Timmy turned 2 over the summer and according to the experts he still has a very limited vocabulary. I can't say exactly how many words he should be saying since I threw away the What Your Toddler Should Be Doing guilt-inducing tome, but I would guess that our youngest child's 25 word list is far short of the mark of "what your 27 month old should be able to say."

But what Timmy does say cracks me up daily, "Bad Boy!" to Will when he won't give him a favorite tractor; "Yes Mam," to me whenever I ask, "Do you understand?" and he always comes downstairs in the morning saying, "Hi Frehie!" to the cat. His two favorite animals, Fluffy and Gedene (Geraldine), are mentioned constantly and can name everyone in family pictures except poor Charlie (who luckily doesn't seem to notice). Some of Timmy's favorite words have to do with the farm: tractor, turkey, tree, doggie, and it always makes me giggle when he shouts, "Frehie!" upon seeing a horse or cow.

Since we have been through this phase of toddlerhood before I don't worry half so much about what the "experts" say he should be able to accomplish at a certain age, as I probably have more experience observing children than most college professors who study development. Timmy is a perfectly normal little boy with a rapidly expanding vocabulary, a rapidly expanding appetite, and a rapidly expanding mommy. Before too long he will be saying many new words necessary for his 3rd year: baby, gentle, umbilical cord, cry, shhh, napping, nursing, and hospital.

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Karen said...

Gabriel just turned 2 yesterday and he only says Yea & Nah but he seems to comprehend perfectly! Every night before the kids are put to bed, they bless themselves with Holy Water. Tonight Gabe reached into the water with his left hand. I told him, "no, use the other hand".. and he did. I do notice that he certainly does talk a lot less than the rest did at his age, but I am not sure he has a problem.. yet.