Thursday, October 30, 2008

Will gets into the act

After Tim and I went to bed on Tuesday night I heard some scurrying up and down the stairs, but was too tired to get up and investigate. In the morning there was a stack of homemade campaign signs on the kitchen table: NO BAMA, Micane/Palin, and NO BIDEN included. When I explained to my enthusiastic political consultant that he spelled Sen. McCain's name wrong, he quickly made up a new batch and wore one proudly on his shirt all day.
We now have signs on both doors and the kitchen window, in stark contrast to our liberal neighbors on both sides. Barbara wrote a very good post about post election relations with the neighbors at Praying for Grace. I love this sign and would be VERY tempted to replicate it if some goon throws a brick through our front window, but we don't own a gun (except for that BB gun we had to leave in Maine since our county in Maryland does not allow them) Here is video of a rotten 9 year old kid in our old stomping grounds of Chapel Hill, NC trying to steal someone's McCain-Palin sign, only to be electrocuted. (only slightly)

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