Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Maggie May

Our sweet Maggie May is the singing, joy-filled, pig-tailed, bright light in our family. My world would be a lot duller place without her in it. She loves tea parties, puppy dogs, and "doing school" like a big kid. Today she is 4 years old!

Tim deployed on the big gray boat when Will was 4, Mary was 2.5 and I was 7 months pregnant. It certainly didn't work out the way we planned, because even though they changed the date the ship was to leave 13 times ( a record, I'm sure), my due date would not budge. So, while Tim's ship was entering the Suez Canal I was in the hospital. Maggie didn't get to meet her daddy for another 7 months- the war started and the return date was postponed two times.

Sometimes I think, how did I do it? Well, I went to Mass every Sunday, the Eucharist is what really sustained me. But I also refused to feel sorry for myself. I lived by the motto that someone else always has it worse. There was that 22 year old new mom of twins who didn't meet their daddy until they were 9 months old. There were wives who barely had enough money to make it until payday. Some wives didn't get the letters and phone calls I received daily. I kept all our emails and letters in two big binders and every once in a while I read them and reminisce. I think today I'll re-read those letters from when our sweet Maggie was born.

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