Saturday, January 13, 2007

What do you wear to school?

Reason # 456 to homeschool. We can wear whatever we want to school with no police involvement.
Though we have several clothing issues to address in our household, all can be handled by me if I deem them inappropriate. For instance, Mary has taken it in her head that school goes by faster if she does it before breakfast in her flannel nightgown. Maggie has hit the dress-to-the-hilt phase and wears a fancy gown, my nice high-heels, and a feathery crown to roll out play-dough, and Will has been know to wear the same 2 sizes-too-small t-shirt every day for a week. The rule is that if we are leaving the house everyone has to be dressed in decent looking clothes with hair and teeth brushed. No jimmy-jammies, no crowns.
Our local Catholic school has pajama day several times a year with staff and students participating. This kind of thing I strongly disapprove of and I do understand that the average school needs to be more strict about what students can wear. However, this story proves that common sense and decorum are absent from both administrators and students. A male assistant principal enters a girl's locker room, and chokes a girl?

"17-year old Sabrina Herndon was wearing a jacket and strapless top and was changing in the girl's locker room at Palm Beach Gardens High School. A teacher noticed the strapless top which is a dress code violation. A male assistant principal then entered the girl's locker room, and within minutes Herndon was in a choke hold. "He came behind me and he picked me up with it and he tried to carry me out of the locker room and then I fell, then he came from under me and choked me a second time."The question of course is what prompted the assistant principal to resort to such tactics?
"The school district also has witnesses who say the assistant principal was justified to use force. They're not telling us specifically what happened because Herndon is a juvenile. They are saying her behavior warranted felony battery charges. Herndon says she doesn't understand why she's the criminal, when she's the one who was choked. Herndon is now facing expulsion and her college career is in question. "For the whole thing to go out of proportion over a dress code issue is ridiculous," she says."


Anonymous said...

Hmm. My high school had a no shorts policy. It was the 80s and fashion trends were pretty awful...I wore long black leggings with shorts over them. I was called into the office and told that no shorts were allowed, even over leggings (zero tolerance, I suppose) and told to not do it again.

Spaghetti straps under a jacket seems to me to violate the letter of the law, but not the spirit if you still can't see shoulders. I think a warning should have been sufficient.

Wasn't there some to-do several years ago about no-thongs at the prom, and a male principal was having girls bend over and lift their skirts to see if they were in compliance? It's just not right.

kat said...

Oh, the awful '80's!
Our whole CC team wore neon socks one season.(after Christmas that year it looked like the entire student body glowed in the dark!)

Leggings and baggy sweaters- that even made me look huge (and I didn't hit 100 pounds until graduation).

However, it almost seems like luck that we were too poor to afford most of the awful clothes of that decade. I mostly wore jeans and tshirts. Same as now!