Monday, January 08, 2007

Vacuum cleaner shopping

In the past week, both our cheap Dirt Devil and expensive Hoover vacuum cleaners bit the dust- literally. The Hoover was only 15 months old and had been taken in to be serviced two times in the first year. It was a real lemon and I am upset that we paid over $300 for it.
A purchase must be made quickly with our crowd of 4 dirt-tracking children and one just-beginning-to-crawl baby. In addition, our priest is coming tomorrow to bless the house so it must be clean! After doing school today we hit several stores to check out models and prices. My finds: the commerical Sanitare, which is very durable and pretty inexpensive and the Eureka The Boss Smart Vac, which is about the same price and has good reviews. I am going to the library tonight to check out Consumer Reports before doing any purchasing, but come Wednesday or Thursday (at the latest) we will have two new vacuum cleaners (maybe one of each)!
update: The Eureka works well and was easy to assemble, even at 6am! Okay, I didn't put it together, my dear husband did that job, but isn't that under their job description?


Anonymous said...

I'll never buy another Hoover. My next one will be a Dyson.

Jimbo said...
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Jimbo said...

We bought the Eureka (The Boss) Smartvac. It cleans well, but has one quirk: it's hard to get the upright to recline. Instead of using the front of my foot, I have to use the back and apply more pressure--much more than with any other upright I've used.