Sunday, January 21, 2007

Debate match

The other evening at dinner Maggie piped up, "I want everyone to call me Charlotte."
"Why do you want to be Charlotte? You have a lovely name," I replied.
"Because Charlotte is a movie star!" Which one you ask? The only movie Maggie has seen in the theater: 'Charlotte's Web'.
"You want to be named after a spider?"
"No, Charlotte is the girl," she insisted.
"Fern is the girl's name." I declared adamantly. Back and forth it went for several minutes. Finally, I thought I had the clincher, "Sweetie, Charlotte is the spider. You see, the movie is called Charlotte's Web and only spiders can spin webs."
Tired from this pointless debate, Will used my standard line, "Mommy, stop arguing with a 4 year old!"

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