Thursday, February 01, 2007

dressing up

Yesterday the kids raided my closet as well as their dress-up basket. Charlie squeezed into his bee costume (likely for the last time) and Maggie put on her angel dress (inside out and backwards), wings, and her halo. Mary quickly got into the act with a few bandanas strategically tied to become a pirate, and they all stuffed poor Timmy into his dragon costume from Halloween.
There is nothing so much fun as pretending to be somebody else when you are young. Sometimes I wish I could pretend to be a high-powered, generously compensated professional, leaving the world of dirty diapers and shoving rice mush into a ravenous child behind. However, I would also leave behind the beauty and joys I enjoy everyday. I would miss the "Good Morning, Mommy," I hear as the little children wake and come downstairs to find me at the computer. I would miss the squeals and excitement of the other children as they watch Timmy "walk" with help from Will. I would miss seeing the older kids draped over the chairs in the living room as they race through the new Magic Schoolbus books I bought. I would miss teaching Will the multiplication tables- okay, I do wish to miss this one!
Thank you God for my vocation, thank you Tim for allowing me to fulfill it, and thank you, my precious children, for calling out, "I love you Mommy," when I need it the most.

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