Friday, February 02, 2007

Sooooo, that's what you meant

Tuesday is P day at preschool so the children and staff are going to wear their pajamas to get into the spirit. Perhaps they could be served popcorn and popsicles for snack?
Maggie's teacher relayed this conversation:

Miss Kate: "Maggie, are you going to wear your pajamas on Tuesday?"

Maggie: "I don't have any pajamas."

Miss Kate: "Well, what do you wear to bed then?"

Maggie: "Jammies!"

My first thought was that the teacher thought that poor Maggie, being one of 5 kids, didn't wear anything to bed. On the ride home we came up with as many names for nightclothes as we could: pjs, jammies, pajamas, nightgowns, sleepers, footies, and our favorite, jimmy jammies. After we got that straight, Maggie and I discussed taking a pineapple (which will get rave reviews and I can eat it afterwards) or an enormous stuffed panda bear on Tuesday.
I have mentioned letter day before. She and I look through the picture dictionary for creative ideas so she will bring something unique. For N day I said, "Everyone will bring a net, (sure enough, there were 3) but no one would bring a nail." This was no ordinary nail though- we went to the hardware store and bought a 10" long roofing nail (only 35 cents). The teacher cracked up when Maggie carried it to her seat. It is just as well we homechool, can you imagine me gearing up if the children did school projects?

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