Sunday, February 04, 2007

what to wear?

I am not a clothes horse, in fact I only own one dozen pairs of shoes, including one pair of black Liz Claiborne pumps and one pair of brown LL Bean flats for church. After Tim took the older children to 8am Mass and CCD I started to lay out my clothes to change into.

One black pump was missing.

Now, the girls like to dress up with this pair, since it they are the only ones with heels, so I figured it was in their closet.

The problem was it wasn't.
I searched the entire house, wasting precious time looking for that blasted shoe. Downstairs closet- nope. Under the sofa- nope. (I have started cleaning in earnest for our move and have cleaned all the upstairs closets already) Took a chai time-out for myself before deciding that I would change my outfit and just go with brown pants and the brown flats.
Then I discover one of those is missing too!

At this point, I almost break down in tears because I have been frantically searching now for stupid shoes for almost an hour. I can't go to Mass in tennis shoes and wonder briefly if this constitutes a valid excuse for missing Mass. Nope, I'm sure it doesn't. I then look at the suitcase next to me and look inside, then pat down the outer pocket.

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