Sunday, February 18, 2007

Children of God

Will went with his daddy this afternoon to a local parish with 150 other Scouts to receive his Parvuli Dei religious emblem from the bishop. Some of the requirements were busy work, but there were also Bible readings and tasks such as praying for someone you did a good deed for that pulled together the Cub Scout creed and the Catholic tradition. He was one of only 2 Bears (3rd graders) to receive the emblem, all the rest of the boys were Webelos (4-5th graders).
It was too long a day for the little ones so I stayed home. They told me all about the service afterwards, including that Will's prayer intention happened to be one of the 8 chosen to be read aloud at Mass. The scantily-clad teen chic lector stumbled over the word purgatory(had she ever heard of it, I wonder?). Supposedly the Bishop looked perplexed at why they were all praying for the Russians. I think this prayer has to do with consecrating Russia to Our Lady, but I'm not quite sure.
God bless everyone who has been so good to us, everyone in the world, all the souls in Purgatory, and please help the Russian people to find God. Amen.

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