Saturday, February 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Mary!

Our darling Mary is 7 years old today. I still recall standing in our apartment in Italy, waiting through intense labor pains for my friend Gloria to arrive. She watched 17 month old Will while Tim drove madly down the Autostrada and the Tangenziale, flashing his lights and honking his horn in order to get us to the hospital in time. Rush hour was about to commence and if we didn't make it in time there was a real possibility that I would deliver on the side of the road. (It happened to another American a few months after we PCSed)
Mary today is a smiling, motherly, helpful, and kind little girl. She takes after her mother, with her freckled nose always stuck in a book. She loves babies and helps bathe and dress Timmy, spooning mush into his mouth when I need an extra hand. Mary reads to her little brother and sister, keeping them occupied on long car rides. She loves to play "beauty parlor" and get her slick brown pageboy cut blowdried after bathtime.
Thank you God for my precious Mary Mac, of extraordinary nose-wrinkling fame!

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