Thursday, February 15, 2007

thirsty monsters

I never know when the thirsty monsters are going to strike. Last night was an especially busy, as they came at 1am, 1:30am, 2am, and 2:30. At first the voice is soft, "Mommy." Then it intensifies as I roll over and pry my eyelids apart, "Mommy, thirsty!" Now, I'm not the one who needs that sip of water to fall back into dreamland, but I reluctantly fling back the covers and stumble to flip the switch in the hall bathroom. One thirsty monster will then ask for the ceiling fan to be turned on and the next one will ask that it be turned off. Luckily the first is already back asleep and won't notice until an hour later and I hear that soft voice calling me again.
The thirsty monsters will grow and become peaceful slumberers and a new crop of thirsty monsters will take their place. One day we will have no thirsty monsters and supposedly I will miss these nights, just like I will miss the excitement of when baby first learns to crawl and I have to keep a vigilant eye for all chokables on the floor. And as the baby learns over time to not put every tiny LEGO piece into his mouth for inspection I will again sleep peacefully all through the night with no monsters to disturb my dreams.

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