Monday, February 26, 2007

house for sale

Our house goes on the market later this week so I have been madly organizing and cleaning for about 3 weeks. It looks like a Pottery Barn catalogue in here with baskets holding toys, sweaters, school supplies, and paperwork. Today I super vacuumed and steam-cleaned most of the carpets and now have damp socks. However, the pressure washing and exterior painting contractor has not started yet and I am stressing over what the outside of the house looks like.
I've never owned a home before, and therefore have never sold one. I don't really know what to expect. Will hordes of people tramp in and out of our home every day? Will I become so stressed about trying to make it look "Better Homes and Gardens" perfect that my head actually explodes? (Just what I don't need, I would have to re-clean the carpets!)
I know perfectly well that it isn't really the house that I am worried about, I'm just transferring my anxiety. My mother is very ill and while I can't perform surgery or wave a magic wand to cure her, I can scrub my baseboards with a toothbrush and vacuum out the fireplace with a vengeance.

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scmom said...

Kat, Good luck to you on the sale of your home. I've only sold two--the first one sold in two days, the second in about five months. I have to say I made myself nuts the second time. I had three boys then, ages 9,7, and 2, and I would clean like mad, vacuuming myself out the door everytime there was showing.

Well, after five months of that I was fairly crazy. Realtors would schedule showings and then not show, or cancel at the last minute. And people would come through, spending less than five minutes there, after I had cleaned like mad and messed up my children's schedules. I thought if the realtor said "jump" I had to ask "how high?"

My advice is, keep it reasonably clean and them don't worry about it. My first home sold to a couple who looked at it while I sat in the family room and my baby slept upstairs--breaking all of the realtor's rules.

If someone wants your home, they will look past some dust and footmarks on the carpet.

And don't forget to pray to St. Joseph.