Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

I can't be the only woman in America who doesn't need Valentine's Day. Maybe I'm cynical, but I sneer when I see ads in February for flowers and candy and jewelry. I figure this overly-commerical Hallmark holiday is for those women whose husbands are indifferent the rest of the year.
My husband? He sent love letters every week when he was deployed on the other side of the world. He leaves me notes with little hearts on them for me to find at breakfast (yes, I save every last one). He brings me flowers home when he feels I need it and tells me every day that he loves me. He also tells me often how beautiful I am and how proud he is of me for raising 5 children and stuffing bits of knowledge into their little heads. He is my cheerleader, my guide, my companion, my love.
What am I getting for Valentine's Day? A new bread machine. Ours died yesterday and the old one is already in 300 pieces on the schoolroom floor.
A bouquet of roses: dead in a week.
A new kitchen appliance: helping feed our family hot and delicious bread for several years to come.
No contest.
I love you sweetie, thanks for all the romance!

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Tracy said...


Your are SO right on! I think the same thing every single year!

It's kind of like the guy who buys his wife expensive jewelry after they've gone and cheated on their wife!

For me, romance is that already brewed, fresh cup of coffee he makes for me EVERY morning, because he knows I am not a morning person.