Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lent is coming

One of my favorite movie lines is in Steel Magnolias, when one of the ladies is sharing her recipe for peach cobbler,
"You really need to serve it with ice cream, to cut the sweetness."
Yesterday I made steaming apple crisp and to top off my decadent treat I added a scoop of Breyers vanilla.
I think for Lent we are going to go whole hog and give up sweets. However, the Lord's day is a feast day and exempt from Lenten sacrifice. So, perhaps I will start making a fancy family meal complete with cake or other decadent dessert on Sunday evenings. Whenever I read about farm families in novels they always seemed to set aside this day for a special meal and invite friends and relatives to join them. Since we will soon (4 years) be a large farming family I think it would be good to start practicing now.

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Charlie Chautin said...

I grew up on a family farm and we always had those big Sunday lunches. I can tell you they are well worth the effort. They make for wonderful memories for your children and yourselves.

Also, I was wondering if I could have your e-mail address. Mine is sunchild07@hotmail.com, please drop me a line if it's okay that I write you. Thanks.