Saturday, July 31, 2010

a quiet afternoon at the beach

After finishing a bit of school and piano practice (of course it took 3 times longer than necessary), we packed up the van and headed down to our favorite pond. Since I only had the boys and Julia Ellen, the few hours we spent were peaceful, other than the few times I had to pull the baby out of the water after she tipped over. I'm glad we waited until a cooler day, the small beach was all ours until we had to put our chairs and boogy boards in the car and head up to a neighboring town to collect the girls from summer camp. This weekend is supposed to be the best of the summer in terms of weather, temps in the high 70's and light puffy clouds. Our plans include seeing a town parade, swimming lessons, and a trip to another pond which hosts a large population of frogs which the children love to catch and release.

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