Thursday, July 29, 2010

make hay while the sun shines

The homeschooling family at the other end of our road have goats, chickens, and several horses, so they need many bales of hay to see them through the winter. Our family has many acres of hayfields, but no farm animals yet, so every summer around this time they cut, spread, tedder, and bale our hay. Will and Mary started helping stack the bales on the hay wagon last year and Will has proved to be such a competent assistant that he has been given truck driving lessons as payment.
Yesterday, under threat of imminent rainfall, everyone took turns stacking, driving the tractor, and transporting hay to their spacious barn. Mary is missing out while at camp, but since only 1/5 of the hay has been cut, I'm sure she will have ample opportunity to increase her arm muscles by lifting and toting 20+ lb bales of green matter.

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