Wednesday, July 21, 2010

its safe to come over now

Our household only comes down with various illness about two times a year, the last being during the Great Blizzard of February '10, but as Tim the clinician points out when speaking of statistics, "A small percentage of a really big number is still a big number." What he means is that if only .2% of a given population gets a certain disease, if the population is say, 10,000,000, that 20,000 get sick. If only 50% of our family comes down with a 24 hour tummy bug, I'm cleaning up vomit out of the car seats and doing load after load of laundry for 4 days. Apparently Charlie, our tough child, escaped unscathed and since I haven't gotten a phone call from camp, Will evaded it as well.

On the positive side, my van is now sparkling clean after a thorough vacuum and scrub with upholstery cleaner. Perhaps on Saturday we can finally collect Will at Boy Scout camp without causing a scene. Just this year we have had to stop a program and send out searchers in the growing dusk to look for Charlie, run through registration hauling a dripping baby and her carseat into the bathroom to scrub down, have a temporarily lost 4 year old returned to us, and been chastised several times to stop climbing on the boulders.

Now that our social schedule is open again, we are having an old friend and his two boys come up for lunch today and are planning a meal to take to a new mommy (her 6th) on Thursday.

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