Saturday, July 10, 2010

home again

My quiet, shy Mary was a chatterbox all the way home from camp yesterday, "We shot stuffed animals and I got a F on my swimming band. We were cold when we woke up at 11pm for ice cream. My best friend cried every night and had to go home early." She talked so fast that I couldn't understand most of her explanations, but I did get, "If Maggie goes, can I go back?" Apparently she didn't suffer from any homesickness, but did miss Julia Ellen, especially when she heard her baby sister say, "Maaa!" at her appearance. So, yes, we are contemplating sending both the girls later this summer for another round of archery and rifle shooting, crafts and horseback riding, dining hall dinners and late night ice cream parties for winners of the clean cabins contest. She has a few more freckles on her nose and a duffel bag full of dirty clothes, but Mary might be a little less shy than she was last week.

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