Sunday, July 18, 2010

everyone pitch in

Maggie was the first to start vomiting on Thursday with Timmy and Mary falling in line behind her on Friday and Saturday. I had to call the babysitter and cancel my race plans only to discover that it would have disastrous to plow ahead and run as I quickly came down with whatever tummy bug the kids brought home. We went from a perfectly clean apartment to complete chaos in less than 6 hours as Mommy was not available to pick up, scrub, and organize. But the good that came out of my illness was the cooperation that the children exhibited. They bathed the baby, cooked dinner, made pallets on the floor to camp out in the living room, read stories, swept the stairs, and brought me ice water. I'm still very weak and stiff, but I think a mere hour of wiping and sweeping will put everything back to rights.

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