Tuesday, July 27, 2010

all I want is a little obedience

Tim noticed from the tone in my voice that something was different this week. Yes, a big something was different: Will came back from 2 weeks of camp and the girls left for their turn of swimming, archery, campfires, dining hall fare, and miscellaneous camp fun. I got excellent reports from his scoutmaster on his attitude and helpfulness and he persevered in obtaining 5 merit badges while some kids dropped out. But one of my frustrations with this particular child is the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde personality switch once he gets home. When I ask the girls to practice the piano or watch the baby they actually follow directions, but Will feels the need to give me grief, attempt to weasel out of it, or say, Yes, Mommy," but then not follow through.

Yes, it is a pain to still have to be doing school at the end of July, but whose fault is that?
Life was so relaxed there for the time, but apparently now I have to revert back into Mean Mommy mode. My mother always said, "I'll get my revenge when you have children who act exactly like you," but I don't want revenge, just cooperation.

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Goodwyf Allie said...

This sounds painfully familiar to me. My oldest is a wondeful child, but has the same behavior you are describing!

It's all part of growing up--finguring out that they can actually not do what they are asked--eventually they figure it out. It is in their own best interest to follow instructions!

Hang in there!