Sunday, July 25, 2010

say cheese!

I gave up on professional photographs of the children many years ago when the photographer couldn't get both children to look in the same direction at the same time. I had better luck capturing candid moments and at least a few times a year taking a decent photo of the ever-expanding group of children together. Last year we drove to the top of Mt. Battie and I took at least 30 snaps of the kids sitting on rocks with a beautiful backdrop of the island dotted Penobscot Bay. Not one shot came out where all the children were looking pleasant. Someone was either hidden behind another, scowling, or making a funny face. We did manage to get a decent photo for the annual Christmas card after I made the threat of not leaving until they cooperated, but there was no panoramic backdrop, just green leaves.

Yesterday morning I made the girls all wear pink and dressed the little boys in red, tossing a spare red shirt in the tote bag when we drove up to Camp Roosevelt to collect Will. With the girls leaving for camp today, it was the only opportunity to attempt a group photo in many weeks. However, after I loaded the pictures onto the computer I again discovered that one kid in each shot was not cooperating. I guess we will try again after Mass today for that one elusive picture that shows a cheerful bunch of children enjoying their summer in Maine.

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