Wednesday, July 07, 2010

slow, slower, and slowest

Yesterday I started running again after I hired a babysitter sight unseen. Last week I posted a notice at the pizza parlor downtown and finally someone called seeking a job. Yeah, it is only for 5-8 hours a week, but that is $50-$80, a not-insignificant sum. Luckily she seems to be a nice girl, was a nanny for a baby last year, and rides from the same stable where Mary takes lessons. We arranged for her to come at 2pm every weekday to have a set time that didn't interfere with any other activities. But boy is it hot, even after a brief rainstorm. I think I walked as much as I ran during the 2.5 mile excursion. A cold shower felt soooo good and hopefully over the next few weeks I will lose those last 5 pounds that are keeping me out of the collection of cute shorts I brought up to Maine.

What is even slower than my pace is Will's progress at finishing up the school year. He still has a tiny bit in 2 subjects, a slightly bigger chunk in 2 more, and 1 more dreaded book report to complete. We could get it done within a week or two, but he is leaving on Sunday for 2 weeks of camp, making the school year drag out into August.

The slowest thing of all is this computer on dial-up, the days of click, click, click to navigate the web have slowed to click, go do a chore, come back and wait some more, then give up in frustration. Checking my email takes an hour due to the long waits for the screen to load. It would be more efficient to do everything on-line at the library, but that involves putting everyone in the car and trying to watch them in a public space at the same time I'm writing or reading. Well, there is no Utopia, so I'll just do the best I can trying to keep up with the news and my favorite blogs.

One day I will be running faster, Will is going to finish 6th grade (only then we will have 7th to fret about), and high speed internet will reach the wilds of rural Maine. Until then, I need to push myself, motivate my child, and have patience for the quirks of small town services.

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