Saturday, July 10, 2010

well, aren't we lucky?

BANGOR, Maine — The first family will spend next weekend vacationing on Mount Desert Island, according to U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree.

President Barack Obama and his family are scheduled to arrive Friday, July 16, and stay through Sunday, July 18. (I hope it rains the entire weekend, especially since I'm running my first road race on Saturday in almost a year. Should I wear a shirt that reads, "Maine: the way life should be, that is until Obama showed up"?)

Information about where the family would stay and the sights they might take in while visiting Maine was not available Friday night. The visit is a personal family vacation and no public appearances are scheduled, Pingree said. (Yeah, gotta get in those expensive family vacations while the taxpayers are footing the bill. Will someone tell them to stand back and beware of rogue waves that have killed many people here?)

“What an honor that the Obama family has chosen Maine for vacation when they could have gone anywhere in the country,” she said. “I think the Obamas will really enjoy the quiet woods, beautiful coast, wonderful people and everything else that brings thousands of families here every year.” (most folks who come to Maine sniff the pine scented air and enjoy the secluded beaches, I think the Obama clan are more about photo shoots and fancy food, I mean HOW many magazine covers have they done in 18 months? And how many "regular" people are they going to see during their stay? Michelle, the food dictator, might have a coronary over seeing the number of enormously fat people who live here.)

While White House officials were mum about where on the island the first family would stay, Obama has political connections on MDI. George Mitchell, U.S. special envoy for Middle East peace, owns a home in Seal Harbor. Mitchell and his wife, Heather, have two children, Andrew, 12, and Claire, 9. The Obama children, Malia and Sasha, are 12 and 9, respectively.

Last August, the first family visited Yellowstone National Park and Grand Canyon National Park. The Obamas also spent time on Martha’s Vineyard in August 2009. (my guess as to the Obama's next family vacation: Everglades National Park, 'cause those national park fees are a bit steep for someone who only earns $5 million a year)

Information about whether the family would arrive in Air Force One, the presidential jet, was not available. Neither the Bar Harbor Airport in Trenton nor the Portland International Jetport has runways long enough to accommodate the Boeing 747. (Oh, like they are going to land in Portland and drive 4 hours up the coast to Bar Harbor? This is a guy who has to fly from one side of DC to the other.)

Air Force One could land at Bangor International Airport (home of the famous troop greeters who have welcomed every soldier returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Their contribution to the war effort was not for show, unlike Obama's famous soldier bracelet incident where he couldn't remember the guy's name.) and the Obamas could take a helicopter to the airport in Trenton, then take a motorcade to MDI. Last summer, Air Force One landed on Cape Cod, the family took a helicopter to Martha’s Vineyard, then rode in a motorcade to the 28-acre compound where they stayed. (how many tourists had their vacations shortened because of that huge traffic jam? Unfortunately I might get stuck behind the Obamamobile myself since we have to pick Will up from camp on Friday night and drop him back off on Sunday. I'll be sure to have my hand ready to honk if this bozo gets in my way.)


Theresa Thomas said...

Trying to get a hold of you about your "Flight Plan Change" story for the book. Please check your email and email me at thomasclan11 at sbcglobal dot net if you can't find my email. :) Thanks!
aka Catholic Mom of 9

MrsMamaHen said...

LOL!!!! I hear you.

Natalie said...

Haha! Good luck to Maine!

Anonymous said...

So sorry he's being dumped on you. A very close family memeber is on that trip and is not looking forward to it at all, even though Maine is one of his favorite places in the US.

Just one small correction, as this is a personal family vacation and as there are not any "work" type meetings or appearances in the works at this time, the Obamas, not the taxpayers, will be footing the bill for this trip.

Trust me. These people are not above fraud, waste, and abuse on a regular basis, but in this case, they do have to pay their own way. Take this from someone who has very close contacts with access to this sort of information.

I need to post this one anonymously for various reasons, but normally I do leave my real name.