Monday, July 05, 2010

boy is it hot!

Even up here in Maine where no one has air conditioning and few folks have a backyard pool (why do all that work for the 4 days a year it would be useful?), the thermometer topped out at 90 degrees today. While we have lots of space to play and stuff to do outside, I have never bought the children even a wading pool up here. There has always been the option to go to Knight's Pond or go to the beach in Stockton Springs. However, I just didn't want to deal with a likely sun burnt and cranky toddler (yes, Julia Ellen started walking in earnest this past week) so we drove up to ToysRUs and bought a hard plastic pool and a SlipNSlide that Will talked me into. Good thing he did as the kids had a blast running and flinging themselves down the wet plastic while Julia Ellen got to sit in the still water all by herself.

As for my method of keeping cool, I pulled out a sleeveless floral cotton shift this morning that I picked up at the thrift store a few weeks back. Somehow it makes me look skinny and doesn't constrict at all. I even planted some more corn, sunflower, and bean seeds to fill in the gaps in the garden without sweating. I feel really sorry for all the people in hot places such as Virginia, like my husband who decided to stay inside in the air conditioning and read a book all by his lonesome.

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Michelle said...

Funny that while the northeast was experiencing such heat, it was actually mild and comfortable down here in GA (upper 80s, but low humidity).

We're back to oppressiveness now, though. This morning (5 am) I only managed 2 miles before the dog and I were wiped. I finshed my run on the treadmill.