Sunday, August 01, 2010

I should have realized...

that going to the town's ecumenical service instead of driving up to Bangor for regular Mass was a bad idea, but I made the executive decision for us to attend. The service was divided 3 ways by the Congregationalists, the middle age Catholic lay women who run the local parish (the rotating priest declined participation at the last minute), and the town's Evangelical holy rollers.

Not only did the service drag on, but the Catholic "performance" (because that is all it was) was off key, warbling, and invoked snickering in the back of the church. Our family quietly snuck out during a 10 full minute rendition of How Great Thou Art, and while driving home, I asked God to forgive our attendance. I told the children afterwards that I was sorry I put them through that and if I ever suggested such a thing again to remind me of this day and tell me, "no!"

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Renee said...

The thing to remember is there is no way to have an ecumenical Mass....I'm guessing the priest was smart in not being a part of it since he would then be 'encouraging' his parishioners to skip Mass