Friday, August 06, 2010

whoohoo, we are finished!

Today we finally wrapped up the very last question on Will's religion test and he wrote the last paragraph and copied over his entire book report neatly. All we have left to complete is the California Achievement Test which arrived yesterday. I have been nagging and coaxing him through the last few weeks of 6th grade for a month after everyone else finished and am so grateful to not have to do that for... oh, about 3 weeks before we start all over again.

While he was writing, the UPS driver rapped on the door and handed me two boxes: Will and Maggie's books and lesson plans for the new year. (Charlie and Mary are taking another 4 months to finish up their current grade) Not one to twiddle my thumbs, I already have the 1st quarter's lesson plans in the little binders and the remainder in huge 3" auxiliary binders. Julia Ellen helped me put the new books on the bookshelf and now we are all ready for the new year to begin. 

Of course, within 30 minutes of sealing his quarter's work in the manila envelope, Maggie and Mary decided that they really wanted to get some of their schoolwork out. I just wanted to scream, "Girls, please allow me enjoy my summer vacation for just a few moments before I have to contemplate starting our 8th year of homeschooling."

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Jennifer Lavender said...

I think it's wonderful that your children are so anxious to get started. Enjoy year number 8!