Thursday, August 26, 2010

rainy day, rainy day

Apparently we are experiencing the same weather that has kept Obama from enjoying his $50,000 a week vacation on Martha's Vineyard. Our plans to go to the Union Fair for the day so the children could ride the Sizzler and the kiddy train to their heart's content were put on hold until Friday. With only the garage, the barn, and our tiny apartment to play in, the kids went stark raving mad yesterday. Pillow fights, wrestling, and pony rides resulted in one huge crazy mess. 

This morning promises to be more of the same, but I have tickets to the bowling alley that the kids earned from the summer reading program. We had to forgo the other rewards of a roller skating session and tickets to a minor league baseball game (the logistics of driving 3 hours to Portland for a 7pm game with 6 children were too daunting), but even I can handle bowling. It isn't exactly free with having to rent shoes and paying for myself, but it seems like a good alternative to sitting in 1000 square feet and attempting entertain all the children with few toys, no unread books, and no electronic media devices.    

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