Tuesday, August 31, 2010

house progress

On Sunday afternoon as I was mowing the grass and the kids were all outside playing, a strange car pulled into the driveway. The girls rode their bikes up to see who it was and a man said, "You have such a pretty place here that I wanted to take a picture." I have to say that I agree, but it seems a little strange to stop at someone's farm, especially when the house isn't finished yet.

The inside painting has been progressing along. We changed the color in the foyer from lemon meringue, which turned out to be waaaay too bright (the juxtaposition of the deep green and the yellow made me want to start singing the College of William and Mary fight song, since those are their colors) so I decided play it safe and use all historic colors for the first floor and went with a lighter buff color. The master bedroom is a deep brown/grey which looks very rich, while the schoolroom in the basement is a bright green that pulls your eye right out the windows to the grassy field. Next to be painted are the children's rooms in Honolulu blue and amethyst mist and the music room in a delft blue. It will be so lovely to live in a house where I picked the colors rather than living in rentals where someone with no sense of style decided that bubblegum pink is a good color choice.   

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Karen said...

Unfortunately, that would creep me our given society today. :-/