Sunday, August 22, 2010

ego enhancement

Yesterday after swimming lessons we headed up to the "big city" to run a few errands. Since it was lunchtime the kids voted to go to Burger King even though most just wanted french fries and chocolate milk. As I am a connoisseur of fast food, I headed off of 95 at the Union Street exit because that restaurant is quieter and for some reason has better burgers than the one near the mall. The kids collected straws and napkins before staking out a booth. As I was filling my drink cup, an old crusty Mainer appeared at my shoulder and said, "You homeschool, don't you?"


"I can tell, those are real good kids you got there." 

While we were eating, I noticed a woman looking over at us every so often. After saying grace, we were laughing and blowing straw wrappers at each other, I was handing out cash for Charlie to go get another cheeseburger and milk, and Maggie kept popping up for more ketchup. This lady came over and said, "I have to tell you how beautiful your children are. They are so well behaved too." 

"Well, thank you."

Then the old gentleman came over to our table after he finished his meal and gave us another compliment, "Aye, those are good children. You take care of them."

To top off our 30 minute visit to BK, one of the cashiers also came over to our table to tell us how polite Maggie was when she went up alone to order some extra french fries, "She said, 'thank you'. It shows what a good job you are doing with these kids."

Gosh, if I didn't have to go home and live with these "good, polite, well behaved" children, I might just get a big head. Call me 'mom of the year' and I'll laugh harder than anyone.


Natalie said...

It is always wonderful for people to tell you how good your kids are because they obviously recognize the hard work it takes to raise well behaved kids nowadays.

Marbel said...

Once at a Chick-Fil-A a gentleman came up to our table to tell us how happy he was to see a family praying over their meal together. People do notice families.

Julie said...

I am always amazed when I receive these comments as well. It is a sad state we live in when children stand out for using good manners.

Since we started homeschooling I have realized this: I rather my child know how to say "Please" and "Thank You" than be able to stand in a straight line.

Have you noticed that homeschoolers can't form a line but ask any public school child and they are right on it? :)

Have we traded manners for robotic activities?

Janine Cate said...

>Have you noticed that homeschoolers can't form a line but ask any public school child and they are right on it? :)

I have noticed that. When you ask homeschoolers to line up, they make a line such that they are all facing forward and can see, instead of one behind another.