Sunday, August 08, 2010

creepy crawlies

I'm not particularly fond of insects, but I'm not a ninny who freaks out everytime she sees a spider and expects her husband to smash it. Bugs are expected in gardening and someone has to pluck them off, spray them, or smash them underfoot. The past few summers our two young peach trees (which have never produced a single peach) are the favorite food and breeding ground for Japanese Beetles. I go out several times a day, collecting my Mason jar off a bench, and go to work knocking the bugs into the jar. Despite my best efforts, I usually can capture only 1/2 of the insects that are on the plant, allowing the rest to fly away or burrow into the grass. I should buy a trap, but haven't managed to get around to it, perhaps I find killing the nasty suckers therapeutic. I can't do anything about the economy or my Senators' voting record, but I can drown dozens of shiny beetles that make the leaves in my orchard resemble lace.

(not to disparage anyone who doesn't aspire to being an entomologist, I screeched and jumped pretty high the other day when I found a beetle crawling in my hair. They tend to go every which way after shaking the peach trees to knock down any hidden bugs onto a sheet I spread on the grass.)

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Natalie said...

I would sceam too if I got a bug in my hair. I'm no ninny, but still, bugs in my hair creep me out. lol