Monday, August 30, 2010

all faired out

On our third trip to the Union Fair for the year our family really scored big. While we didn't get up and out the door in time to sign the little boys up for the pedal tractor pull, Timmy won a bicycle in the free bike drawing. Some might think we have an unfair advantage, being able to get 6 tickets at every drawing, increasing our odds of winning, especially since Maggie won a bike a few years back, but they each only get one ticket like everyone else. This was Timmy's first new bike and he proudly rode it through the fairgrounds to the van so we cold stash it until it was time to leave.

Since the big kids had missed the Kent Family Magic Circus act on Friday we stayed for that and then Will was chosen to participate in the clown act in The Flying Wallenda's trapeze show (he was the "M" in the YMCA song). All in all, we had a great time at the fair, but luckily we had a day to recover before we begin school for the year on Monday morning.    

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